My favorite season has arrived!

I LOVE the fall.  It’s my favorite season for a number of reasons, but more than anything it’s because I feel the most comfortable in my own skin.  It’s the perfect temperature to throw on jeans and a North Face.  I love the lake and the ocean in the summer, but I don’t tolerate heat well (imagine me when I’m hungry and just apply that same grumpiness and you’ll know what I’m talking about).  I can’t get enough of skiing in the winter, but unless I’m on the slopes or four-wheeling in the woods–I could go without the extreme cold.  In the fall you can pick apples, bake pies, catch the early birds lighting their wood stoves, rake leaves (I haven’t done this enough years yet to consider it a chore), pick and carve pumpkins, decorate for multiple holidays, plan out and execute your Halloween costume, and consume your fill of Turkey with the fam.  While the high highs of summer and winter may trump those of Fall, there are things I don’t like about those seasons.  There isn’t anything I can think of that I don’t like about the Fall.  And therefore, it’s my favorite.  Chris on the other hand, hates the fall.  His seasonal depression kicks in and he gets extremely moody boding farewell to the summer and longing for the winter.  He never takes time to enjoy Fall for what it is.  This year I tried to get him pumped up early, and we went apple and raspberry picking.  Though the days leading up to our day of “fall things” were very fall-ish, by the time we were mid-picking it was nearly 85 degress.  We were both in fall clothes and a little miserable halfway through the adventure, but we had fun nonetheless.

Orange leaves=fall is officially here.There may or may not be a strong possibility we ate more than we picked…I even managed to make a new friend.Can’t wait for more fall adventures.  This is the first year I can remember that we don’t already have plans for Halloween.  If anyone has an invite to extend, I’m actively seeking an excuse to start my costume.

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