Crisis Averted: The Case of the Poisonous Mango

Chris and I had an interesting weekend.  This might be difficult to follow.

Day #1: Wednesday Oct 27th–>Chris ate two mangos ravenously….like a gorilla with a banana after a month of hibernation.

Day #2: Thursday Oct 28th–>Chris played the drums and sang at open mic night with his mouth dangerously close to/engulfing the microphone; later that night he complains of chapped/burning lips

Day #3: Friday Oct 29th–>Chris complains of burning lips and starts smothering them in vaseline

Day #4: Saturday Oct 30th–> Chris complains of burning lips non-stop throughout the day.  By 8PM he felt like they were “pussing”, so I took a look.  He had two ‘blisters’, one to his right (our left in the picture) of the midline of his upper lip, one in the left (our right) corner of his lip.  For an hour and a half it was decided that Chris had Herpes Simplex.  We were silent and sweaty for that time period, and I furiously flipped through my oral pathology book and planned my revenge against the little punk that spit all over the mic before Chris got to it.  By 9:30PM I had discovered that mango skin contains urushiol, the chemical in poison ivy and poison sumac, which can cause urushiol-induced contact dermatitis (herpes-like symptoms).  After discussing his mango eating and doing a little further research, we both couldn’t help but laugh at the herpes scare.  While Chris was thinking about not being able to kiss his future kids (should I decide to give him any in the future….), I was freaking out about contracting it from him and not being able to work every time I had a break out.  I’ve documented his symptoms and the progress of his reaction, and I’m going to try to get published on Urushiol-induced contact dermatitis secondary to mango skin contact.  We’ll see what happens with that.  These pictures show the Herpes to allergic reaction progression:

Sunday we had our first Halloween in the new house.  We had three doorbell rings-my niece, the two little kids from next door, and two truckloads of kids borderline too old to be trick-or-treating.  My niece was a unicorn, and was very cute when she stopped by.

Last week I worked my first full-time week as a real, live dentist.  The dentist I work for was away, and I covered his hours in addition to my own.  I did more dentistry in 40-50 hours last week than in the past few months I’ve been working part time.  I did more root canals in one week than in four years of dental school.  It got me amped up to finally be full-time in December when the new office is done.  Right now he only has two rooms he works out of, so we can’t work at the same time.  The addition in the back will give me two (eventually three) rooms of my own, so I’ll be able to work as often as I want.  I can’t wait to get started, start making some real money, and start paying some real (big) loans back.  I learned a few things last week, but most of all, I realized that I chose a really, really hard profession.  I love it (usually), but it is so damn mentally and physically stressful to not only do the procedures, but to explain to patients what you are doing, why, and make them comfortable while you’re doing it.  In the past week these things happened:

1) I had a patient with the same birthday as me, and when I told her that, she asked me if I was also born in 1973.  Apparently I pull off 36 in a white coat.  (Previously, when I asked a 25 yr old patient if she liked Michael Jackson, she responded, “No, I think he was more your generation”)

2) I had a child on laughing gas bite me, then tell me he was in love with me.

3) I had a patient give me a crocheted gift.

4) I had a patient text someone MID-EXTRACTION as I took out a root of his molar  “in the dental office, be out in 10”.

5) I had a patient show me facebook pictures of himself with Pauly D and ‘The Situation’ ask me if I wanted to buy a jeweled rosary from him (he sold them to the above mentioned guys).

After one interesting week as Dr. Lavigne, I can’t wait for more.

Before leaving for my first day of work, panic-stricken and nearly crapping myself, July 20, 2010:



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2 responses to “Crisis Averted: The Case of the Poisonous Mango

  1. james

    randomly stumbled onto your page. was in brazil this past week and had the same thing happen with the “mango lips” ..nice to have some written/photo confirmation. read a bit of your blog too. good stuff!

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