A 5 Hour Drive for Jelly

Jelly=Jay and Kelly.  No, we didn’t drive record distances for just any jelly.  Last Friday Chris and I drove to Philly, and we stayed until Monday.  Philly is about 5 hours without traffic, so it isn’t often we make it there, but for the past few years we’ve made it a priority to get there in October/November.  Chris and I have always referred to Jay and Kelly as, ‘our couple’.  We always do things as couples, and I like both of them to an enormous degree, which doesn’t happen everyday (though Jay is SIGNIFICANTLY more smelly).

Friday we didn’t get to Philly until after 9:30PM.  Chris ran my car nearly out of gas and had me hyperventilating for the last 20 minutes of the drive, then we rolled in and caught up for a few hours before bed.  Kelly and I are equally as lame, with 10PM bedtimes.  We took one for the team and stayed up until just past 11PM before turning in, then headed to bed.  Word on the street is that the boys were up far later than that.

Saturday morning we woke up, had some breakfast, then headed to Episcopal Academy where Kelly works.  If you think you’ve been to a high-end private high school before, chances are you haven’t compared to this place.  This place makes most private colleges look impoverished. We Jay, Kelly and Chris played a few games of squash and I took some pictures.  I’m not the most nimble with things involving fast movements; throw in a ball and I’m bound to injure someone.

We then headed to discount sushi for lunch—-50% off rolls.  Shuey and her friend Jill met up with us, as did Chip and Heather.  We were rude and started eating before anyone else showed up because we were extremely hungry.  We ate more sushi than would be considered normal for less than healthy prices, then headed to downtown Philly for a little touristy-treat.  We were introduced to “Condom Kingdom,” saw the liberty bell in all of its glory, and were introduced to some fabulous bars.

We stopped for Pabst blue ribbons and tator tots at Sugarmom’s….beer and fried food? OKAY!

We hung out for a while, I was reminded why Shuey is the most fun and entertaining friend ever, then we headed to Dark horse for a few ‘harder hitting’ beverages.  Kelly (“Keggy” by this point) and I stumbled upon a juke box and the rest is history.

We got home early….probably by 1PM.  I ordered more chinese than 50 people could eat for the 10 of us oops then decided my stomach felt like crap and forced myself to expel most of what I consumed that day.  Not typical, no worries.

The next morning we were lazy and took a long time getting ready.  After we were all alive and at em’, we headed to the Philadelphia Hunt Club.  We thought this was a fox chase, but it was not.  Though initially disappointed, it ended up being an A.MAZ.ING event.  No joke.  It was a horse race, which was a first for me to begin with, but it was a horse race over the river and through the woods.  We packed six of us into my car (they charge per car, we had to sit on laps to get the best deal), mistakingly entered first the $100/car lot, then the $300/car lot before arriving at our final destination, the $40/car lot.  Right in our budget.  There was more filth at this event than I’ve ever seen.  If your scarf wasn’t Burberry and you weren’t sporting a Louie, you weren’t anyone.  As we unpacked our carrots and subs, we realized most of the people surrounding us were enjoying their high-end wine and caviar.  So.much.old.money.

It ended up being an excruciatingly cold day for Philadelphia.  Despite bundling up with scarf, hat, and Heather’s borrowed gloves, I was sooooo cold.  Jay and Chip snuck in to a private party in a little barn and stole us cider and hot chocolate, and I had a few minutes of euphoria as I sucked one down.

I was astonished…lame word, very appropriate….at how intense the horse jumping was.  For those that know Kristen, the one and only, she was an amazing horse-jumper in her day.  I have new-found respect for her now that I’ve witnessed this stuff.  A bunch of horses went down on jumps, one never got up, and even when horses got up, it was heart breaking to watch them fall.  Kelly cried.  No, literally…she cried.

I met saw an Irish Setter I named Porter, and fell in love.  If I didn’t have mild dog allergies, I would have offered more money than I have in my bank account to take him home.  He was precious.

After the race the boys watched football as the girls reluctantly sat next to them, then we went to dinner at Guiseppi’s BYOB Italian restaurant.  Anyplace that is BYOB gets a gold star right off the bat, but they had creative italian cuisine like a mango, pineapple, and other fruit salad with candied walnuts and Limoncello dressing.  Yum.  Kelly and Jay’s Philly friends Katie and Kevin met up with us, who only enhance any situation.  It was a good time.

When we got back to the house we watched a bootleg version of The Social Network (thanks Chip).  Since then, Chris has had low self-esteem about his life, been contemplating how to become the world’s second-youngest billionaire, and been walking around the house with his head down.  Aside from these unforeseen side-effects of the movie, it was a good one.  Worth a watch.

Monday Kelly headed off to work as a superstar math teacher before I was awake.  Chris and Jay talked techy stuff for most of the morning and Jay did a little bit of work before we headed to lunch.  We picked up our friend Justin from work at QVC, then had lunch at Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester, PA.  We (finally) met his girlfriend Veronica, who is tall, beautiful, and charming.  Perfect, really.  I had doubted her existence minus the fact that he moved from Rhody to PA for this mystery girlfriend.  She is not only real, but she’s great.

After lunch we stopped for some Starbuck’s, dropped Jeez Meez off at work again, then putted around Jay’s house for a while trying to find the right time to say goodbye.  After a semi-sweet goodbye, we headed back home.  It’s always good to make a Philly trip, but it’s always hard to say goodbye.  Jay and Kelly are the best.

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