A little R+R with the Schuetts

A little over a week ago I flew from Boston to Minneapolis to visit Gretchen for the weekend of her shower. On the way to the airport I threw the first tantrum I’ve had since I was in mere single digits after forgetting my cell phone. I yelled at Chris and told him I couldn’t go without my phone. I was crying and panicking at the thought of flying and spending an entire 3.5 days without my iphone. Totally ridiculous. Chris finally told me to stop my whining and act like an adult.

My flight to Minneapolis was a direct one—this changed my outlook on flying. From now on, I’ll pay whatever extra fees I have to if a direct flight is available. Up and down and you’re there…it was amazing. Annnnnd for those of you that are wondering, pay phones still exist. Occasionally you might even be lucky enough to find one that accepts credit cards.

Gretch picked me up and we headed back to her place in Minneapolis. I can’t tell you how cool it was to finally have a window into a good friend’s life after years of phone and email communication and not much face time. Gretchen’s house is, well, perfect. After watching the heaps of dirty clothes, soiled dishes and sweaty gym stuff pile into different corners of our dorm rooms during college, this place blew me away. Everything is designed in such detail and so elegantly, and yet it all comes together in a way that is completely comfortable. It was an intellectually inspiring space…sitting in the living room I felt as though I should whip out my computer and write a novel, or at least begin reading one.

Saturday morning we woke up to the results of an overnight snowstorm. Everything was white and all of a sudden it felt mid-winter. The rest of the weekend there wasn’t a second that passed in the Schuett house without Christmas music blasting.

That morning was Gretch’s shower at her sister-in-law Becky’s house. Becky makes entertaining look easy and she does it flawlessly. The food was great and she avoided all things awkward that happen at baby showers (games, namely).

Please note how fabulous Gretch looks at 7 months pregnant. I might agree to eventually have children if someone could hand me a guarantee that everything other than my stomach would stay small like this. Might. Don’t get excited, that’s still the last thing on my mind. That was a strongly emphasized might.

Not only did I fall in love with Gretch’s house over the weekend, but I met my new BFF, Stella. She’s a yellow lab that I’m not even a little bit allergic to, and she slept with me two out of the three nights I stayed there. She’s got the sweetest face and a typical lab personality-playful and energetic. I just wanted to smoosh her little face all weekend.

The rest of the weekend I got to see a bunch of the quirky spots and highlights of Minneapolis…and of course we visited the Mall of America. It was big.

I felt a baby kicking inside of a stomach for the first time ever. It was weird and addicting all at the same time. I almost felt a hint of competition to have it punch or kick while my hand was looking for it. With all respect to Gretch (I’m sorry for being brutally honest) I can’t wrap my head around babies growing in bellies and it sort of seems alien-like to me. I have zero maternal instincts so I shouldn’t be surprised to feel this way. It did, however, make me extremely excited to see the little one once he/she arrives. I think he/she’s pretty aggressively strong, those punches were serious.

Sunday of my trip was Chris’s birthday. It was pretty amazing that he bought me a ticket to MN his birthday weekend. Happy belated Birthday to him!

In other news-Ellen defended her thesis today, and apparently it went really well. Congrats to Dr. Gualtieri!


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One response to “A little R+R with the Schuetts

  1. Gretchen Schuett

    Aaaah! I’m just seeing this post now! I love it.
    It was SO much fun to see you! Thanks so much for coming to visit. I need some more “Rhody” in my life.
    Love and miss you tons!

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