House Decorating Project #1

I’m sort of a gift card hoarder. When someone gives me a gift card, I feel like I need to use it for something really exceptional. Occasionally I’ll purchase something from a store where I have a gift card, and because my purchase is menial or a simple necessity, I won’t use the gift card. I feel as though gift cards are to be used for splurges; something you really want, but usually can’t bring yourself to buy. I hope that one day my income will increase to the point where I’m able to eliminate this feeling, but for now, I hoard gift cards.

I’ve been hoarding Pottery Barn gift cards for 3 years. You saw that correctly….THREE YEARS. I’ve purchased an occasional little something from there, but because of this problem of mine, I’ve kept the gift cards, admiring their spending potential, filling my online shopping cart and emptying it…over, and over, and over again. In the past week I finally spotted a great sale on some Pottery Barn items I’ve been eyeing for a few months. I broke down, turned in my gift cards, and brought home a plethora of picture frames for the master bedroom with a huge, gleaming smile on my face. Turning in the cards felt right, which is a sure sign I’ve made a good decision.

This sale came at the perfect time. Last week we finally got our wedding photos from the photographer, so I had a bunch of pictures I wanted to print. I feel like the master bedroom is the only room where I have free reign to be completely self-absorbed, so I printed only pictures of Chris and I. I carefully selected which prints would look best in what size, and off to the printer they went. We sent them to Walmart since the largest size was only an 8×10. They came out terrible, not surprisingly, so what’s currently on the wall will serve as placeholders until the high quality prints are ready to go.

This weekend, amongst a bunch of family parties, Chris and I made it a point to get the pictures in the frames and on the wall. It entailed a bit more than I might have expected, but the result is so satisfying that I can’t wait to choose another project to begin….though I doubt the next relinquishing of gift cards will be all too soon.


First we arranged the photos on the bed. To hang them with the correct spacing, we cut the boxes the frames came in down to the size of the frame and laid them out. This was a great idea, because once we started arranging the cardboard on the wall we realized we didn’t have the space to arrange them as we initially intended.

After going “left a little bit”, “up an inch”, and “down and to the right” with the cardboard, we finally had our layout finalized. We had marked the cardboard where the nails needed to be, so we penciled in our nail spots and Chris banged away.

A bit of leveling later, we had the final result. Since the frames went up I’ve gotten kind of giddy every time I’ve walked in the bedroom, and I’ve not once regretted renouncing the gift cards.

Right as we finished our project, I headed to my parents’ house to take Cassie’s Christmas photo for my sister’s Christmas cards. Though it was hard to get a good shot amongst the ruckus in the house and her disinterest in my purpose, I think these two came out kind of cute:


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  1. Gretchen Schuett

    OMG. LOVE the frames! You guys are pros. Bedroom looks great!

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