Bathroom facelift.

Our house came complete with cheap, garbage mirrors in the bathrooms. They’ve haunted me since we first moved in. For the past two months I’ve been armed with a tape measure at all times, and I whip it out whenever I see a mirror that might just be the dimensions we need for one of our three bathrooms. This past week, I finally found one that would fit in the lavette, and so house decorating project #2 was born. I took down the old one (which is hanging out in the hallway if anyone is in need of a mirror), painted the edges again since the dimensions weren’t exactly the same, carefully measured out where the anchors and screws should be….and $49.99 later, our bathroom went from this (forgot to take a before picture with the room painted, so this is going to seem extra-dramatic):

to this:

Next thing to go will be the ugly medicine cabinet, but I’m trying to pace myself. Now I need to come up with something to go above the toilet…since the mirror is a creamy off-white, I’m not sure what color shelving would look good. I’m going to try to find something vintage and re-paint it. Any suggestions?

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