Self-absorbed shares that melt me.

For wedding remembrances go here:

Shot and edited by Jeff Brouillet

The password if you watch it on Vimeo is: Lavigne

For the annual (minus 2009) Christmas video, and my favorite gift each year….go here:

(if you are sensitive to displays of affection have a barf bag at hand or avoid clicking the link at all)

Edited by Chris



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2 responses to “Self-absorbed shares that melt me.

  1. Keggy

    Okay… I figured out that commenting is really not THAT hard =)… and after those two videos, commenting was ABSOLUTELY necessary. I was stalking you and I loved these. Your wedding was amazing, but I forgot just how amazing until I saw that video (I am sure my lapse in memory was from the adrenaline and NOT the barrel of wine I drank that night).
    Chris’s wedding video was great. I think I want to be you two. Was that the effect you were going for? If so, kudos =)

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