Happy Birthdays for Jan 4th.

Happy Birthday to Katie, my first friend ever.  She’s turning 27 21 today, and I’d like you all to think something nice about her.  She is saving the environment, one tree at a time.  She enjoys reading, the outdoors, allergy death traps kitties, and my mom’s homefries.  She’s an attorney in Vermont and she’s an absolute doll.  I’m not trying to sell her to you, she’s already married…she’s just that great.

Another happy birthday wish to Gretch, who is not celebrating her birthday today.  She’s 37 weeks with child and a good, long breath of air is gift enough from baby Schuett.  Gretchen is an amazing photographer, home decorator, and marathon student.  After finishing her law degree she decided to go back to school and get her masters.  She’s literally a ball a ball of fun and I’m thinking of her prego self in Minneapolis today.

And finally, a very young birthday for little miss Lindsay.  She enjoys coloring, baking with mom, and singing the Happy Birthday song.  I wonder if she’ll sing it to herself today?  Happy birthday little Lindsay.

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  1. Gretchen

    I can’t believe I got my very own birthday shout out and I’m just seeing it now. Thanks woman. I miss you tons! Love catching up on your beautiful little life. Hugs and kisses from me and the belly. 🙂

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