NYE and other recent happenings.

A lot has happened in the past two weeks and I’m going to try to give you a short, sweet re-cap.

On December 22nd I turned 27.

(yes, yankee candles in lieu of birthday candles)

Update: Ma and Pa Pups are currently doing the nasty.  Puppy will be ready to take home in April.  Get excited.

I saw my favorite high school girls (minus Franny and Linz) for a morning filled with mimosas, our favorite santa, quiche and homefries, homemade yankee swap gifts, and a lot of laughs.

Chris and I shared our first Christmas morning together as a married couple.  Santa was VERY good to me this year and left a clever scavenger hunt:

That led to this:

And after five good years with the original Canon Rebel I’m handing it in for a bigger and better one.  And this year I was surprised with the reinstallation of the annual Christmas video (after a year lapse due to the time constraints of building a house in 2009).

We hosted the first and now annual Secret Santa with the Lavignes, and it was a huge success.

And for the fifth year in a row we spent New Year’s Eve with Ithaca friends in New York.  This year we had tickets to the Almond bar, with a step up in bar service and selection, atmosphere, and food, and a step down in music.  The DJ was awful.  Despite his unwillingness to play MJ, we all managed to have a pretty great time.

By the time the night was through Kelly had lost her phone, Chris had conjured up what looked like a case of drunken, bloodshot eyes bilateral pink eye, I had turned into a cartoon character, and Ian hailed a limo to take us back to his apartment.

The following morning we had a late brunch, and ended the trip with some competitive child dodging ice skating.

Chris is gone for the next two weeks honeymooning with Jay working for the Golf channel.  I’ll be attempting to avoid burning the house down, flooding it or causing some other unnatural natural disaster, and will probably have plenty of time to blog interesting things.  Stay tuned.


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2 responses to “NYE and other recent happenings.

  1. billym

    I know I heard MJ at least once. But, maybe it was you singing it!

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