Finally on my way to full-time employment.

This weekend we moved all of the equipment and supplies in the dental office from the old portion of the building into the new addition.  Five of the operatories are completed, and my two operatories will be done in one week.  The new building is going to be incredible, and I can’t wait to finally have my own space; space to see patients at the same time my boss is seeing patients and therefore more than three half-days a week.  Here are some shots from before:

Take note of my favorite part of the office: the floral vertical blinds.  Here is the new place:

Tomorrow morning is game time, so hopefully this transition is a smooth one.

Saturday night I saw Black Swan.  I have been dying to see this movie for weeks, and after unsuccessful attempts to drag Chris along, I finally found a partner in crime and got Tamra to see it with me.  The movie made me want to do this:

and this:

It made me feel like doing this:

And I left the theatre resembling this:

You might like it.  It was artsy.  I’m just not mature enough for those kind of sex scenes and that kind of mind f*!%.

I’ve been obsessed with my new camera and if you run into me in the near future you’ll probably be victim to an obnoxious photo shoot.  Here are some photos of the Bouchard dogs.  First up, Kober, the cairn terrier….my canine boyfriend.

and little Stella, the Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix).

After being snowed in at Tamra’s house last night, we ventured to Newport today.  I love Newport in the winter.  It’s just as beautiful as the summer, but there are minimal/no tourists crowding the streets.  The shops just barely survive the winter and thus the owners are more than willing to bargain with you to make a sale.


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2 responses to “Finally on my way to full-time employment.

  1. you’ve turned into quite the little photographer! love love the pics. I saw Black Swan and a similar reaction. My grandmother originally asked me to take her to see it. I think she saw a ballerina in the paper next to the words GOLDEN GLOBE and she was sold. She came down with a cold and canceled on me. Turns out, yikes, I really dodged an awkward bullet on that one.

  2. Jeff

    awesome dentist pics….REALLY love getting reminded of what a dentist office looks like. This is my nightmare

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