Peep show’s closed

Since we moved into the house our huge bedroom windows have been bare and bright. The neighbors have had quite the show over these past few months.  I tried curtains, but that resulted in joint compounding and repainting the holes where I had hung the rods…they looked terrible.  I spotted some great shades at Chris’s aunt’s house, and used the same company to have them custom made for ours.  They were installed only half an hour ago, and I’m still gawking over them.  Every five minutes I take a stroll to the other end of the house just to grab another peek.  Perfection.

A new rug from to warm things up:

One of my favorite Christmas gifts, new sheets from

And our master bedroom, a few steps shy of completion:


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2 responses to “Peep show’s closed

  1. Gretchen

    LOVE! Your bedroom looks awesome!

  2. I love love love how the room is turning out! I especially love the antique chalkboard with a countdown to Chris’s homecoming, haha 🙂

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