35 of Nature’s Finest

To say that January was a whirlwind of a month is the understatement of 2011.  Chris was working in Palm Springs for the golf channel the first two weeks, I was in California the third, and we both spent the last weekend skiing in Vermont with a collection of people somehow connected to the Ithaca crew that totaled 35 (more on that later).  I couldn’t figure out why I was unable to muster the energy to write a mere blog post this week when I made the breakthrough realization that Chris and I didn’t spend one weekend together at home in January.  If I turn down invitations to hang out, eat together, consume beverages, or do other social things in the next few weeks (we know those invitations are flooding my inbox/voicemail/etc. as we speak…..), you’ll know why.  I’m tired.

But I can’t really complain.  January was a great month.  I was able to appreciate the therapeutic warmth that friendship has the ability to cast on an otherwise hazy, snow-filled month.  I’m grateful.  It was difficult to feel frustrated with the feet upon feet of snow and the punishingly low temperature Chris had the house set to when I had so much to look forward to on the weekends.  I rubbed a pregnant belly, learned new things with old friends, simmered homemade chicken soup, ate more dried mango than my pancreas could possibly appreciate, drank more than my late-twenties-liver knows what to do with, hit the slopes with old friends and new, caught up with a very old but very dear friend, and had a breakthrough in dentistry, learning to not only put up with, but appreciate doing root canals.  January really was a great month.

Today I did six loads of laundry and attacked the dust that somehow has the ability to accumulate in massive amounts in short time spans, and the rest of this week I did…dentistry.  I’m sorry if I don’t have anything good for you.  The house is lickably clean now, however, so I feel a new DIY project in my veins.  Wait for it.

Last weekend I did have an adventure though.  There really were 35 of us in one house for a long weekend.  There was a pool and a hot tub underneath a remote-controlled floor, there were boys that cooked family dinner for the mass of us, there were boys that cleaned messes that you probably couldn’t fathom were made in the short time period that they were, there was a Michael Jackson exhibition that was not only videoed, but made its way to facebook before I politely asked that it be removed, there was skiing…and there were fun times.  Despite there being unsurmountable amounts of minerals in the water that left my hair feeling coated with vaseline after a shower, and food fights that left the kitchen floors sticky and coated with beer and marshmallows, I laughed a lot and it was all worth it.

To redeem this otherwise mediocre (at best) post, I’d like to welcome to the world Jack Sloane Schuett, born February 2nd, 8lbs 3oz.  Congrats Gretch and Billy!

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  1. That is a good looking new born baby!!!!! I’m really sorry I missed the Michael Jackson bit before it was removed. Next time 😉

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