What’s Old is New Again

I had high hopes of continuing my fabulous thrifting streak after snagging the nightstand for a very reasonable $6.50 a few weeks back.  Thrift store after thrift store since then, however, the only thing I’ve taken with me has been a sufficient amount of dust to trigger an allergic reaction.  Sweet.

Last week I found a chair overflowing with potential.  I was lazy at the time, however, and didn’t feel like loading it in the car.  Pathetic.  After getting home that evening it was the only thing I could think about, and this week I hauled my butt back to the Savers for allergic reaction 2.0 in pursuit of said chair.  I had the oomph to take it home this time.

When Chris first laid on eyes on this musty madame he raised his eyebrows questioningly.  I think he’ll be pleasantly surprised with the facelift I gave her.

Here she is, in all of her glory, for a mere $9.99:

Beautiful, I know.  I unscrewed the cushion and removed the staples holding the foam and fabric in place.


I used the old foam as a template to shape the new foam I picked up for $9.99 at Joann’s fabrics.

I used the old fabric as a pattern for the new one:

In the meantime I primed the chair frame with spray paint primer

And gave it a few good coats of ivory paint.

I pulled the fabric taut and stapled it into place:

And for around $25 out the door this little treasure went from this:

to this:


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2 responses to “What’s Old is New Again

  1. Keggy

    If dentistry doesn’t work out for you, you can be my interior decorator =)
    Nice work!

  2. Sarah

    I AM SO IMPRESSED! I could never do something like this– Ever.

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