Live-Laugh-Love Green

When Chris and I moved into the new house we made a tragic mistake that I hope you can all learn from.  At the time the house was near ready to move into I was focused on anything and everything but decorating.  Namely, graduating.  Despite several aunts recommending to paint the entire house neutral and re-paint as we decide what color suits each room best, as if we knew the first thing about decorating we thought, how stupid–why paint twice?  Well….without any permanent furniture or decorative accents we went ahead and painted a circus of colors throughout the house.  Now, lo and behold, we’re realizing those aunts weren’t so stupid.   And—icing on the cake—colors are not as easy to paint over with neutral shades as the other way around.  Lesson learned: paint everything a neutral shade first.

One of the colors that really got under my skin was the Benjamin Moore Grecian green in the guest bath.  If I were to rename this color, I would unquestionably stamp it “Live-laugh-love green”, and make it mandatory to adorn the walls with wooden american flags and country paintings declaring one’s love for their cat.  It was heinous.

Chris was away this past week skiing with the boys, so I kept myself from going crazy alone in the woods of Scituate took advantage of the time I had home to indulge in some house therapy and get rid of the awful shade of green.  Live-laugh-love green.  Though the walls are aching for a covering with some artwork to offset the otherwise sterile room, I’m really pleased with the result.


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  1. Sarah

    Well done! Looks great!

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