First thing’s first

Our dog isn’t due for a week, we aren’t sure what gender we’re going to get….but I need to start preparing.  I know I have two months to buy/make everything I need for the little guy, but I just need to start getting ready because I’m type A and neurotic I’m so freakin excited.  I also need to continue using my sewing machine to justify the investment, so it’s basically a win-win.  Today I took two hours and followed this sewing project:

And though this collar may be the second one he/she grows into, I’m ready to go for a walk.

It was so easy, I’m probably going to have to open an Etsy site and sell 500 of them.  I’m not joking, it was THAT easy.


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One response to “First thing’s first

  1. Alicia Oldham

    Very impressive Rhody or should I say Martha! Your next project can be making me a very large muumuu for me to fully embrace becoming a frumpy mom! j/k

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