There are a lot of deliveries going on around here…

And I’m talking about mail.  I started making hoards of dog collars and signed up for a craft fair in CT to sell them at.  I’m not joking.  I thought I was joking, but as it turns out, I’m more neurotic/unable to sit still than I thought I was not.  So we’ve been getting a lot of hardware/ribbon/webbing deliveries.

While that’s true, those aren’t the deliveries that having me peeing a little today.  Our puppy was born last night!  We had pick of the litter so we know we are getting either a red or an apricot little boy!  I can’t stop smiling…perma grin is obnoxious at present time.  Momma bear had a C-section, but is doing well.  Isn’t she pretty?

And there’s another delivery in progress right now but because I’m feeling a little superstitious this morning, I’m not providing any details until I have confirmation that everyone’s healthy.  Just a teaser to get you excited.



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2 responses to “There are a lot of deliveries going on around here…

  1. Chris

    OH MY GOD weh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gretchen

    Aaaaaah!!!! I’m so excited for you! Nothing better than adding g a puppy to the family. You guys will be great dogparents! Also– you are officially an 85 year old woman– sewing dog collars/attending craft fairs and such.

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