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Gators and Burns

Chris and I are in Naples, Florida hanging out with Jay and Kelly.  The unbelievable couple that made the jewelry for our wedding have a second home here, and they’re graciously letting us take advantage of it.

Eighty-something degree weather everyday, a personal pool and hot tub in the backyard, and a ten minute drive to some gorgeous beaches has made it difficult to be disgruntled over anything.

Tip #1 learned in Florida: Don’t brag about your inability to burn— when your sun screen expired two years ago and your husband doesn’t think it’s necessary to apply any at all, the result is a lobster-red hue that’s anything but flattering and certainly painful.

Tip #2: There’s nothing glamorous about an alligator.  The man at our everglades airboat ride tried relentlessly to get me to hold one, and I just.wasn’t.interested.  There are few things in life that make me girlishly squeemish.  Reptiles fall into that category.  I held the tail, but it felt meaty and freakish, and the creature appeared unreliably calm.  The “gator man” got a kick out of prodding me, but in the end he failed.  The closest I got to holding it was the tail, and despite his impressive efforts, I continued to refuse to put my hand around the thing’s neck.

Three days post-burn and I’m finally able to put clothes against the rawhide on my shoulders that once felt like skin.  I’m really to re-emerge into the sun today; I’m sure I’ll be back with more failures adventures.



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It’s baaaaack.


Okay, so it’s only available in the sampler as of late, but at least it’s back in existence.  This is redeeming for my opinion of old Sam.  Maybe you’ve tried it, maybe you need to.  It’s delicious and will slap a smile on your face, so drink some.  I just got home from a thirteen-hour day with lots of headache patients.  It’s feels something like I got hit by a bus while in the nude and now all of the unharmed bus passengers are pointing and laughing at my embarrassing pain.  Something like that.  I don’t want to scare you all into thinking I’m an alchy based on my two most recent posts—but I’m off to pour a tall glass of red.  Buy some White Ale, you won’t regret it.

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Long overdue.

I’ve felt disenchanted with the blogging world lately, and rather than bore you with uninteresting fluff and ordinary ramblings, I’ve avoided writing completely. I’ve been–you’ve guessed it–busy. Usually I’m all “I don’t know how to sit still so I fill my time with useless tasks” busy, but the past two weeks I’ve been for real busy.  Two weekends ago I ended a long week of dentistry with a trip to NYC to party harder than my liver has since….the last time I saw my dental girls.  I remember my freshman year of college when my roommate’s dad (who’s a dentist) burst into our little dorm room with his two besties from dental school.  They were all obliterated and animated—and gave me my first crush on dentistry.  It was love at first—-drunken viewing.  Now that I am a dentist, I realize where those guys were coming from.  You work hard, and play harder.  At a point in my life where I feel my peers are taking steps in directions I want to run the other way from, I can’t tell you how good it felt to overindulge in a way that seems more and more infrequent amongst those my own age.  I felt twenty-one again (though the impact of my hangovers these days gives me away), and it felt—-fabulous.

One of the responsibilities that go along with practicing dentistry in the smallest state around (literally) is always playing the part.  That means—in Rhode Island—I can’t wear scandalous outfits or party like a rockstar in public without looking over my shoulder and wondering how many current or future patients I’ve just scared away from the practice.  Or at least how many creepsters I’ve enticed in trying to get more than a little Lidocaine out of a visit to the dentist.  So when I finally get the chance to escape this place, all bets are off; after months of suppression, I misbehave.  The weekend started like this:

Veered in this direction:

And ended on the 5-something-a.m. train like this:

Two nights in a row.  I returned to Rhode Island feeling severely hung with some serious congestion and a little less cash to my name.  But it was worth it.

More recently I’ve been covering for my boss while he’s away and working my own hours in addition.  Tuesdays and Thursdays have been twelve-hour, back-breaking, sweat-inducing days.  Be careful what you wish for—full-time (and then some) is a bitch.

The hours I’ve been away from the office I’ve been trying to re-organize the post-painting chaos that is our house.  The new paint color is great, but the bareness of the room is killing me.  If I could make a decision to save my life I’d order some fabric and spruce the place up.  In the meantime, I’m swooning over samples.

And while you may have hoped thought I was joking, in my free time I’ve been making these:

And peeing a little in anticipation of this:

I won’t stay away so long next time.


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Goodbye, red.

This past weekend was the first Chris and I have spent together in roughly two months.  He had to work the majority of it, but he was in the state, which is a major improvement.  We had dinner with friends Friday night, and painted the rest of the weekend in between his work schedule.  A few months ago I finally admitted to myself that I hate the red in the kitchen.  So many guys got me pumped up about the red I pumped myself up for it and played into “liking” it.  Inside, it made me feel all melancholic and disjointed, like the feeling you get when you’re uncertain if you left your curling iron on.  Though Chris is having a tougher time saying goodbye, I’m glad to see it go.

After sampling what seems like dozens of paint colors, we finally decided on Benjamin Moore Willow grey for the living room.  We’re painting both rooms because the kitchen and living room share a wall.  Previously the red and the tan conjoined to look all circus-like/country-esque, so I’m avoiding a repeat of that mistake.

The living room is done and I’m smitten over it.  It looks fantastic, if I do say so myself.  The only viewer thus far has been my father-in-law, who was unable to choke out a pretend “I like it”, but I’m okay if my taste doesn’t appease the masses.  Kitchen is primed, hopefully will be painted this Monday.  I’ll keep you updated.  Timelapses to be posted as soon as Chris the tech guy is back from Ohio to re-encode the videos so they’re wordpress compatible.

In the meantime, our puppy is a week and a half and I’m completely enamored with him.

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