Goodbye, red.

This past weekend was the first Chris and I have spent together in roughly two months.  He had to work the majority of it, but he was in the state, which is a major improvement.  We had dinner with friends Friday night, and painted the rest of the weekend in between his work schedule.  A few months ago I finally admitted to myself that I hate the red in the kitchen.  So many guys got me pumped up about the red I pumped myself up for it and played into “liking” it.  Inside, it made me feel all melancholic and disjointed, like the feeling you get when you’re uncertain if you left your curling iron on.  Though Chris is having a tougher time saying goodbye, I’m glad to see it go.

After sampling what seems like dozens of paint colors, we finally decided on Benjamin Moore Willow grey for the living room.  We’re painting both rooms because the kitchen and living room share a wall.  Previously the red and the tan conjoined to look all circus-like/country-esque, so I’m avoiding a repeat of that mistake.

The living room is done and I’m smitten over it.  It looks fantastic, if I do say so myself.  The only viewer thus far has been my father-in-law, who was unable to choke out a pretend “I like it”, but I’m okay if my taste doesn’t appease the masses.  Kitchen is primed, hopefully will be painted this Monday.  I’ll keep you updated.  Timelapses to be posted as soon as Chris the tech guy is back from Ohio to re-encode the videos so they’re wordpress compatible.

In the meantime, our puppy is a week and a half and I’m completely enamored with him.


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