Gators and Burns

Chris and I are in Naples, Florida hanging out with Jay and Kelly.  The unbelievable couple that made the jewelry for our wedding have a second home here, and they’re graciously letting us take advantage of it.

Eighty-something degree weather everyday, a personal pool and hot tub in the backyard, and a ten minute drive to some gorgeous beaches has made it difficult to be disgruntled over anything.

Tip #1 learned in Florida: Don’t brag about your inability to burn— when your sun screen expired two years ago and your husband doesn’t think it’s necessary to apply any at all, the result is a lobster-red hue that’s anything but flattering and certainly painful.

Tip #2: There’s nothing glamorous about an alligator.  The man at our everglades airboat ride tried relentlessly to get me to hold one, and I just.wasn’t.interested.  There are few things in life that make me girlishly squeemish.  Reptiles fall into that category.  I held the tail, but it felt meaty and freakish, and the creature appeared unreliably calm.  The “gator man” got a kick out of prodding me, but in the end he failed.  The closest I got to holding it was the tail, and despite his impressive efforts, I continued to refuse to put my hand around the thing’s neck.

Three days post-burn and I’m finally able to put clothes against the rawhide on my shoulders that once felt like skin.  I’m really to re-emerge into the sun today; I’m sure I’ll be back with more failures adventures.



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2 responses to “Gators and Burns

  1. Gretchen

    Oh. My. Those burns look rough. So jealous of your vacation. And can’t believe Kelly just grabbed that icky guy around the neck. What a hard ass! I would have been cowering in the corner with you.

  2. Alicia Oldham

    Nice boob shot! :o)

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