Today after work Chris and I drove to the Berkshires to pick out our puppy.  All six in the litter were adorable and I’m not sure we could have made a bad choice, but I’m completely smitten over our little guy.  We take him home a week from Sunday.

Meet: Lenny the Labradoodle



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7 responses to “Lenny!

  1. Katie

    Can I have one?

  2. Keggy

    OH MY GOD. He is precious, and you know the precious ones are always the mischievous ones =)

  3. Ellen

    Mike says he thinks it’s the cutest dog ever (I guess I concur 😉

  4. Lindsay

    LOVE him and thinking I may just have to trade one of my pets for one … he won’t throw hissy fits right? Good choice, you make a nice looking family 🙂

  5. Gretchen

    Oh. My. God.
    I’m in LOVE!!! That’s got to be the cutest pup I’ve ever seen. Those pictures are awesome too! And the NAME!! UH! Perfect.
    What a cute little family!

  6. I am completely obsessed with Lenny! Makes me want another puppy!…which is completely insane given my new mommy status but it at least emphasizes Lenny’s cuteness!

  7. Steve

    When did Chris start borrowing Joe Young’s warddrobe?

    Oh yeah. Puppy’s cute too.

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