When we were in Florida the four of us were perusing a street art fair when I fell in love with an ostrich.  I tried to keep the love to myself, glaring at it out of the corner of my eye, not saying a word.  When the ostrich popped up in my dream and again in my thoughts the next day, then…then I knew it really WAS love.  Although I hate to put people out I dragged the other three guys down the art fair again, all eyes peeled for the booth with the ostrich.  When I finally found it, my excitement was only heightened by Chris not only approving of it, but having actual affection toward it.  It was meant to be.  That is, until I saw the $700 pricetag.  Nope.  I don’t have that kind of chump change to spend on a tiny corner of our guest bathroom.  Damn.

So in true DIY spirit, I bought some acrylic paints when we got back, and put a paintbrush to a canvas for the first time ever.  I finished it as a therapeutic means to end a terrible, awful day in the office yesterday, and the curious little look on this guy’s face somehow made it all better.  I threw it up with some other sketches I did a few months back.  Though the wall needs more frames to make it feel balanced, I’m liking where it’s headed.  I’m also liking the new fish eye Chris gave me bought for work.

Here’s the one we saw in the art fair (I only wanted the head)….And here is my humble rendition.



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2 responses to ““Art”

  1. Gretchen

    Ok. What???
    Why have you been hiding your secret talent from me for all these years? You’re like, a legit ARTIST!!
    Holy shit woman. Those are amazing!

  2. Sarah

    Ditto Gretchen’s comment– I had NO idea that you could do this! WELL DONE.

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