I might be on a blogging hiatus.  That, or this blog is going to throw up Lenny all over itself.

If having a puppy is anything like having a small child, I’m decades away from being “ready”.  Lenny is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, so his Houdini-like skills and intense spurts of whimpering every three hours throughout the night go without resentment.  Chris has been a stay-at-home dad our first week with Lenny, and I’ve been taking the early morning shift before work.  If this is a foreshadowing of a future with kids…it’s damn good birth control.  I’m usually an expert on operating with little sleep, but this week I’ve been dragging.  Yesterday mid-extraction I just didn’t have any energy left to get that sucker out of there.  I used a lifeline and let the boss whip it out.  Apparently, I’m tired.

But despite the low-quality sleep I’ve been getting, I look forward to waking up to him and coming home to him with sheer excitement.  Most All puppies are undeniably cute, but something about it being your puppy gives you a bias that could make others throw up a little in their mouths.  I think Lenny is just perfect.  His love for bathroom mats, gnawing on skin, and escape-artist abilities prove otherwise, but I’m satisfied living in denial.  For me, he’s perfect.



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3 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Kelsey Pickering

    I love him Court. He IS perfect! Fenway will love him. It is perfect birth control and it will get easier as you know. I remember those first few weeks with Fenway, good times….NOT! But still to this day I SO wish he could be that “puppy size” again with the puppy fur and the puppy breath (the best). We ended up getting this “green apple” spray from the pet store and spraying it on any exposed furniture legs or whatever and they won’t go near it…at least Fenway stayed away from it. So when/if he starts to attack furniture, try that!

  2. Alicia Oldham

    love Love LOVE HIM!

  3. Gretchen

    What a DOLL!!!!! He’s adorbs!

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