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Or so it seems these days.  For something so little whose day consists of a monotonous routine of sleep, eat, poop, play….he takes up a lot of time.  Juggling work and said routine has left me aborting my typical lunch break with my butt in a chair and sandwich in hand.  Instead, I fly home, eat while he’s eating, and hope for the satisfaction of a poop in the twenty minutes I’ve got with him.  Should I be so lucky as to witness a good dump, I return the satisfaction with an excited “good poop Lenny, good poop!”.  I leave the neighbors on the “pooping” side of the house questioning my sanity.  I’m not sure if they’ve caught on that we got a pup, but I know they’ve caught me in bathrobe and towel turban jumping up and down with these unusual exclamations on numerous occasions.  I’m okay with it.

Needless to say, I don’t have many updates for you.  The week before we got Lenny, I did take on a sewing project a little over my head.  Had I the foresight to heed to the “not for beginners” warnings all over “sewing piping” and “making a dog bed” sites, I would have avoided a number of profane sessions that would make a child’s ears bleed.  But after much frustration, I was able to mimic the bed I was drooling over for little Lenny, and give him a close replica-for about the same cost.  Fail.  I’d say I saved on shipping, but the number of times I drove to the craft store for ‘one more spool of thread’ is negating.

Here’s the bed I wanted:

And here’s the one I slaved over:

Luckily he knew it was his from the moment he laid eyes on it.  Second only to his crate, it’s a fav.

The combination of long hours of work and long hours of Lenny have left us in more than out.  Chris has become quite the bartender to supplement drinks on the town.  An old fashioned for him, an espresso martini for me.

And because he’s so stinkin’ cute, samples from the 4,542 photos ops I’ve had with him.


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  1. Gretchen

    1. He is HEART-MELTINGLY cute! I want to squish him SO bad!
    2. I can’t believe you made that dog bed. I’ve been lusting after one like it forever, but I lack the patience or the skills to try it myself.
    3. I spy the grey walls. They look awesome!!! I want a better look! Post some photos woman.
    Lick Lenny for me.

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