A New Batch

In case facebook didn’t paste this all up, down and sideways on your feed, Lenny’s taking house calls these days.

Chris is in Texas this week.  Chris and I haven’t had cable in a year.  The Bravo and HGTV withdrawal was painstaking and difficult.  Though I thought I was cleansed, this week I discovered the free trial of Hulu Plus.  Our TV is connected to a Mac mini, so it streams the internet.   Last night after shedding a few tears over three emotional episodes an emotional episode of 16 and pregnant, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for filling my brain with crap and decided to be productive.  I think I need a reverse cleanse so that I might one day again enjoy the smut that use to serve as my self-esteem boost and send me into a mindless trance.  Oh Real Housewives, how I miss you.

To redeem my self-worth, I took Lenny on a field trip to the office, and whipped out a new batch of these:

I’m building my collection before selling them.  I’m thinking by this fall my inventory might be up enough to start to profit off of all of the ribbon and hardware I’ve invested in.  We’ll see.  While I was snapping the photo of my newest collars, I looked over my shoulder to find this:

And if that didn’t melt your heart, maybe these will:

(The “flea” was a gift from Paisley over at the McLouth house)



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3 responses to “A New Batch

  1. Kelsey Pickering

    I love him!!!

  2. Emily

    Awww!!!!! I hope Lenny gets as much enjoyment out of the flea as Paisley has! That is, once he is actually big enough to fit the squeaker in his mouth! :o) Lenny is just so cute- some pics he looks like a stuffed animal!!!!

  3. Sarah

    OH MY…The Flea…. I hope it’s not driving you crazy! I only spent a few days at the McLouth household, and I was definitely NOT sad to say good-bye to the Flea (sorry Em). 🙂 LENNY IS ADORABLE!! 🙂 Love the collars!!

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