Pride, Nostalgia, and Staples

A week ago Chris and I took a day trip to NYC to see Dan Mills on broadway.  You read that correctly, a day trip.  We left around three in the afternoon, and returned just short of three in the morning.   Chris was a trooper and did all of the driving.

Dan Mills is the understudy for Carl Perkins’ character in the Million Dollar Quartet.  Though he’s not an actor, he was sought out at one of his shows, and ended up with the part.  Since he’s the understudy, you can’t plan ahead for tickets seeing as he never knows when he’ll be on.  Day trip it was.

My only regret was not packing everyone I know into the car for that trip.  The show was phenomenal, and I had an uncanny sense of pride being able to watch one of our favorite people entertain an audience on broadway.  It was an unreal experience.   Though I didn’t get any pictures, I ripped these off of Justin on Facebook:

After the show we had a quick drink with Dan and some of his family/friends.  I couldn’t stop thinking about Dan’s unique opportunity to share his talent with others.  There are few of us who can take all of our hard work and efforts to succeed and put them out there for others to observe and enjoy.    I felt so honored and proud to be able to share in this chapter of Dan’s success.

This weekend was UConn Dental School’s graduation weekend.  A year ago today, I was ending that chapter of my own life.  Though most days spent trapped in John Dempsey hospital had me wishing time away to push me ahead in the countdown until it would all be over, it was hard to walk away.  I didn’t expect to have such a difficult time saying goodbye.  The endless hours of studying, grueling med school exams, frustrating patients and resetting denture teeth 492 times over to appease ornery professors made it easy to want to leave.  Yet, the comradery that exists between a small class of forty students going through four very long years of dental school together is incomprehensible.  Even today, there are so many times I pick up my phone after a difficult or stressful procedure and text or call a classmate for input or reassurance.  Looking through the pictures of the new graduating class today brought me back to this time last year, and I missed it.

I spent the better half of the day removing staples from a wingback chair in the first leg of reupholstering it.  All I can say is that it’s a good thing my hands are insured.  This will likely be both my first, and last, hardcore reupholstery project.  Stay tuned for the results.

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