Man whiskers

I woke up in a better mood than I went to bed in.  I think I needed to put my dispirited mood in writing in order to move past it.  Today’s optimism allowed me the opportunity to see just how blah I made the past week seem; I actually had an eventful weekend, and I’d hate to leave a woebegone post up for more than a minute.

This weekend I put almost all of the hardware on the cabinet doors.  I’ve got about half a dozen pulls left to drill and screw in, but I’m almost there.

I picked out the start of my herbs and veggies for the season with Ellen and Mike Sunday morning…

And I remained completely indecisive on fabric for the wingback.  This beauty sits in the living room taunting me to make a decision.  I’ve finally decided to go with the fabric sitting across the bottom of the chair in the photo.  I don’t have time to get to the store until Thursday, however, so I’m likely to change my mind by then.

Lenny’s bath this morning was a successful one.  I snapped a few photos after he was moderately dry, and realized he has man whiskers.  They’ve been creeping in for the past two weeks…low and behold he’s got a little poodle in him after all.

We’ve ventured to pet stores on a few occasions now, and the overwhelming response is usually, “is that a red lab?”, and I smirk and let them in on the secret.  I love Lenny past the moon and if he continues to wire and curl I’ll love him just as much….but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t content with his looks favoring his mom.


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