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Those man whiskers have been coming in HOT!



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A Spin on Angel Food Cake

I love angel food cake even before it’s dressed up…so this recipe is one of my favorites.  It’s easy to prepare and easy on the waistline.  Oh, and it’s delicious.

You can make your own angel food cake, but I always buy them pre-made.

Start by flipping the cake over, then cutting the inside of the cake out.  You do this by cutting about 1/2 inch from the outside of the cake, and 1/2 inch from the inside of the cake, then remove the middle.

Take what you removed and put it in a bowl.  Break the part you removed into small pieces, then mix in the fruit of your choice.  I usually just stick to sliced strawberries, but I had blackberries and raspberries to toss in the mix this time.  Take cool whip and mix it in with the cake and fruit until you have a pasty, relatively well-mixed consistency.  Take that filling and pack it back into the cake where you previously removed the center.  You’ll have some extra here because you’ve added to what you removed.  This is my favorite part—-eating the extra as you finish the cake.

Flip the cake back over and cover the outside with a thin, smooth layer of cool whip.  You can decorate to the nines with cut up fruit if you so desire.  Since this bad boy was just for Chris and I, I kept it simple.



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Reviewing through the lens

We had a massive garage-cleaning sesh, and the chairs that Chris grew up with…the ones that sat in my apartment for four years and our house since we moved in….are no longer.

Lenny (reluctantly) experienced his first swim.  We’ve got a ways to go before he actually enjoys to be in the water….he was hesitant and distrusting.

And Chris and I celebrated nine years together last Wednesday.

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Chocolate Kiwi Popsicles

These are unbelievably easy, remarkably delicious and staggeringly refreshing.  If you’re asked to bring a little something to a cookout or party this summer, these are a budget-friendly option that won’t take hours.  The only ingredients are kiwis, coconut oil and dark chocolate.

Slice the kiwis into quarter-inch thick rounds

That’s a Rhode Island-shaped cutting board….one of the more creative of our wedding gifts.  Here’s a better look:

The recipe called for popsicle sticks, but the market had plastic spears—which I ended up liking even better.

Lay the speared kiwi slices out on a pan covered with wax paper, then freeze.  They only take 10-15 minutes to freeze.

Use a double boiler to heat the chocolate, and dip.  If you don’t have a double boiler (like me), you can boil water in one pan, and place a second over the top of the boiling water with the chocolate in it.  You’ll need one cup of cholocate and 1/2 a cup of coconut oil.

And because I can’t help myself:

About that “no dogs on the bed” rule Chris and I were going to stick to….


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Don’t do this at home….or ever.

Un-upholstering and reupholstering a wingback chair has been by far the dumbest most challenging DIY project I’ve tackled.  Chris has been fervently threatened if he doesn’t prevent me from initiating a project this time consuming in the future.  While initially I thought spending $800-900 top to bottom to have this done by a professional was unreasonable, I’m now questioning why anyone would work so hard for so little.  This took way too many hours, caused way too many blisters, and just.wasn’  I had photographed the process in depth, not only to allow me to see how things were put together before I tore them apart, but also to have a fairly detailed tutorial to refer back to.  I’m never, ever doing this again, so I’m skipping the tutorial and showing you a few before and afters.  Enjoy….and don’t do this at home….or ever.


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Weekend rundown

Since Chris got back from Ireland last weekend I’ve come out of my funk and re-emerged as a socially-functioning individual.  We’ve been busy, to say the least.  Over the past week Lenny had his first trip to the Powder Mill, my favorite ice cream shop:

Tammy had her pinning ceremony, officiating her as a registered nurse.  We got a tour of her simulation lab:

The manikins were freakish and creepy:Rich was in from Kentucky, and Ian from New Jersey.  The boys were busy shooting/editing/doing complicated things with graphics all weekend:
The Lavigne’s neighbors on the pond got a new Sport Nautique, and it’s lavish.  We took it for a spin…We had the deck stained, and found a sweet Craigslist deal on a patio set.  We’re now ready to entertain.  Beer’s on ice and awaiting your visit.Since our yard is being torn up and reconstructed in a month, I made due with a ghetto garden for this year.  Don’t judge.I started working on the re-upholstering part of the wingback, and wanted to poke out my left eye.  This project is not for me the faint of heart.Lenny spent some time with his BFF Noa.  First Noa had a good sniff:

And then Lenny took one of his own:Speaking of Lenny, he’s still chewing my thongs in half and destroying towels, tissues, and toilet paper under our bed insanely cute.Lenny got to hang out with the Lavigne cousins for a bit, and mingled with some other Lavigne pooches.He had his first boat ride, and loved it:And just because I think Chris looks exceptionally GQ in this photo:I hope this weekend was only a taste of how good this summer is going to be.

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