Weekend rundown

Since Chris got back from Ireland last weekend I’ve come out of my funk and re-emerged as a socially-functioning individual.  We’ve been busy, to say the least.  Over the past week Lenny had his first trip to the Powder Mill, my favorite ice cream shop:

Tammy had her pinning ceremony, officiating her as a registered nurse.  We got a tour of her simulation lab:

The manikins were freakish and creepy:Rich was in from Kentucky, and Ian from New Jersey.  The boys were busy shooting/editing/doing complicated things with graphics all weekend:
The Lavigne’s neighbors on the pond got a new Sport Nautique, and it’s lavish.  We took it for a spin…We had the deck stained, and found a sweet Craigslist deal on a patio set.  We’re now ready to entertain.  Beer’s on ice and awaiting your visit.Since our yard is being torn up and reconstructed in a month, I made due with a ghetto garden for this year.  Don’t judge.I started working on the re-upholstering part of the wingback, and wanted to poke out my left eye.  This project is not for me the faint of heart.Lenny spent some time with his BFF Noa.  First Noa had a good sniff:

And then Lenny took one of his own:Speaking of Lenny, he’s still chewing my thongs in half and destroying towels, tissues, and toilet paper under our bed insanely cute.Lenny got to hang out with the Lavigne cousins for a bit, and mingled with some other Lavigne pooches.He had his first boat ride, and loved it:And just because I think Chris looks exceptionally GQ in this photo:I hope this weekend was only a taste of how good this summer is going to be.


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