Don’t do this at home….or ever.

Un-upholstering and reupholstering a wingback chair has been by far the dumbest most challenging DIY project I’ve tackled.  Chris has been fervently threatened if he doesn’t prevent me from initiating a project this time consuming in the future.  While initially I thought spending $800-900 top to bottom to have this done by a professional was unreasonable, I’m now questioning why anyone would work so hard for so little.  This took way too many hours, caused way too many blisters, and just.wasn’  I had photographed the process in depth, not only to allow me to see how things were put together before I tore them apart, but also to have a fairly detailed tutorial to refer back to.  I’m never, ever doing this again, so I’m skipping the tutorial and showing you a few before and afters.  Enjoy….and don’t do this at home….or ever.



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2 responses to “Don’t do this at home….or ever.

  1. Lindsay

    Court, I think this came out awesome 🙂 I reupholstered a wood framed couch and chair that Matthew’s great aunt originally bought maybe in the 70s?? and then graciously gave us. They were hideous and the fabric was really worn and even torn in a few places. 2 years later … it is almost done. Your chair was much more complicated and came out beautifully. Good job, Court! You have inspired me to finish my last cushion and look for another project … I will ignore your warning.

    • Ahh thanks Linds! I’d love to see pictures of the couch and chair…they sound like quite the endeavor! I’m starting a headboard project this weekend that should be another interesting one. When will I learn?!?

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