Estes Park, CO

If you’re feeling less-than-amused with weekend recap posts, this is the last I’ve got….but it’s a good one.  Two weekends ago Chris and I flew to Denver to celebrate one of my closest friend’s wedding.  It was the best weekend we’ve had in a long time; everything was absolutely perfect.  My participation in this wedding included the first reading, and I’ve since decided it’s the best way to be involved.  It says, “you’re important to me and I want you to be a part of my wedding,” and gives you a little extra time to explore where you’re at.  The only drawback was the nausea and excessive perspiration that ensued in the hour leading up to my big performance.

When we first got into town we finally had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with Brooklynn, Tom and Alicia’s little bundle.  She was completely well-behaved, smiled and giggled on command (should you sing the itsy bitsy spider) and had the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen.

The day of the wedding we had just enough time to explore Estes Park.  We took a three hour off-road tour in a land cruiser up to 9,100′, and decidedly there isn’t a more exciting way to view the Rocky Mountains.  I questioned why the tour had been deemed the ‘roller coaster ride’, and doubted the ‘laughter and smiles’ the brochure promised, but at increased speeds off-road in this thing I would have been long gone without a seatbelt at each rock or turn.  The ride delivered all that was promised and more.  It was hysterical.  I’d strongly recommend something similar if you have the opportunity.

And then there was the wedding.  Sarah looked absolutely breathtaking; so very Sarah, and so very gorgeous.  The wedding itself left no page unturned; she thought of everything.  The feel of the wedding was rustic elegance, and the views were entirely too picturesque to be real.  Sarah and Nick were married outside with the mountains in the backdrop, and it was truly surreal.  The dancing was as alive as the views, and I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more.  I’ll let the pictures we took speak for themselves:


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  1. Sarah

    You took some phenomenal pictures! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 Miss you girls!! Cannot WAIT for your next trip to Colorado!

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