A Year Later…

This time last year Chris and I were getting married.  It’s baffling to reflect on the past twelve months and realize how much time really has gone by.  I’m not sure where the time went (as is reflective in the late send off of those thank you cards….I’m sorry if I wished you well on your pregnancy and you now have a six month old, I started them a while ago….).

To avoid nauseating those that grit at sappiness, without saying too much, the last year has been better than I ever could have imagined.  Though moving back to Rhode Island has been a transition in and of itself, it’s so. much. fun. to hang out with Chris every night. They say the first year of living together is the hardest; well, if that’s true, I can’t wait to see how easy the future years are, because this one was a breeze.

Last year Chris surprised me with a quick trip to Nantucket since our honeymoon was delayed.  We’ve since decided to alternate years with a surprise getaway in celebration of our anniversary.  I was up first, so I whisked Chris away to Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire for a weekend of almost perfect but not quite relaxation.  The pressure was on in ensuring a weekend that could stand even a spark of a flame to our weekend in Nantucket, so I went balls out.  I rented a room at the nicest Inn on the lake, made reservations for dinner, booked a couples massage, and rented a boat.  I thought I had ensured a good time, and off we went.

The weekend ended up being exactly what I was hoping it would be, but after a failure on the NH state boating license exam that I sprung on Chris when we got there, a reservation in the wrong hotel, and massages booked on the only day I didn’t get the discount I had thought I was receiving….the first hour of our trip had me swearing off the responsibility of planning for all eternity.

My parents ended up faxing over Chris’s RI boaters license which was good in NH as well, we were transferred into the correct hotel for the second night (the night of our actual anniversary), and the spa gave me the discount without question.  I swung a near miss, but all in all I think I did alright.

Chris surprised me with a new camera….a Sony NEX-3 micro 4/3.  It’s compact like a point and shoot, but has interchangeable lenses like our Canons.  D-series cameras aren’t always convenient or safe to bring along, so I’m psyched to have a new toy.  All of our pictures from the trip were taken with the new little guy.

Wrong hotel:

Right hotel:

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