An Addendum and a Dog With No Shame

So this new camera:

Came with this picture on it:

So after a fabulous weekend of celebratory anniversary things, I had Wednesday to look forward to.  I wasn’t sure where we were going, what we were doing…I just knew to get my butt home from work as quickly as possible to be swept away to said surprise.  After running through the door, throwing on some mismatched clothes, and panting to the car, Chris drove me to a part of Cranston that I’ve only been to once before…for our wedding reception.  As he pulled up to Rhodes on the Pawtuxet a feeling of pure bewilderment came over me.  They occasionally host old people events with dinner and dancing, but the parking lot was empty.  Why were we here?!?

Chris pulled an oddly wrapped box from the trunk, and I awkwardly tailed him into the ballroom.  There was no one there, and to be completely honest it was an eery feeling.  I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, and wanted to slither out and perch myself up on the balcony with a better view of the people I knew were just waiting to walk in on whatever was about to happen.  Well, no one walked in, I didn’t get the out-of-body experience I was hoping for, but Chris pulled off a very Chris and very sweet surprise.  He had Dan Mills record the song he wrote for our wedding.  Inside the strange box was a stereo.  The first time Chris and I listened to the song together since our wedding day was again at Rhodes, and we danced to it for the second time.  Don’t let your eyes roll out of your head, it was sweet and adorable and exactly why I fell in love with Chris in the first place.

The dance was followed by an incredible dinner at Gracie’s in Providence, and our anniversary celebrations ended on a high.  We were showered with cards and sweet messages from so many friends and family, but here’s an anniversary gift that can’t go without mention.  Monday night when we returned from the lake, three of Chris’s five younger Lavigne cousins came over and presented us with this:

It’s a bench hand-painted by the five of them, each square personalized by a different cousin.  It’s pretty remarkable, really.

And for stomaching my sap, have a laugh at our dog with no shame.  Man parts:


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2 responses to “An Addendum and a Dog With No Shame

  1. Sarah

    That is really cute. 🙂 Chris is such a romantic. Hope you had a great anniversary!

  2. Gretchen

    Aaaaaah! Chris!!!! Been melting my heart for years!! Love, love, love him! You guys are the cutest couple ever.

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