Recurring Trend

This morning while sipping on tea and taking a few minutes to run through my morning internet routine, including peeping my favorite blogs, online shopping for things I’d never actually buy, continuing my Christmas shopping….I decided to scope out my own blog.  It’s been months since I’ve even thought about checking in.  This morning I started reading through the last post, which is almost a year old.  Before I knew it I was knee deep in old blog posts.  I’ve never been great at journaling, but I was damn good decent at documenting life through pictures with a few words tossed in between.  It made me miss it.  The recurring trend I noticed in looking back was that nearly every blog post ended with an apology for a recent hiatus.  I’m not sure who I was apologizing to.  I stopped blogging because my work schedule became too hectic to blog with any consistency, and I felt like I was letting someone down.  Blogging is a great way to keep others updated on my life, but ultimately I blog for me.  I suppose I was letting myself down?  Regardless, I’m going to blog when I can, when it’s enjoyable, and stop apologizing when I’m not posting regularly.

I don’t know how to connect January with November, so I’m going to pick right up with life’s recent events.  This summer Chris and I had the honor of being a big part of the planning and execution of two of our best friends’ engagement.  Last month we threw them a semi-surprise engagement party to celebrate Jay and Kelly finally making things official.  It’s the first time we’ve really hosted a crowd at our house.  Having a party of around 40 people taught me a few things:

  1. You get eight times the amount of yard work and house projects completed when you know a lot of people are going to be scrutinizing seeing your place in the near future.
  2. I love planning and making pretty decorations to make a party unique.
  3. I do not love cooking.
  4. I do not love cooking for a large amount of people.
  5. All of my future parties will be catered with pretty hand-made decorations.

That being said, the party was a success.  Though I didn’t take a single picture of the day, thankfully Kelsey did.  Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.  It’s good to be back.




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2 responses to “Recurring Trend

  1. Kelsey

    You did such a wonderful job, Courtney! Everything was amazing! Your house is gorgeous and I loved every detail of the day!

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