6 responses to “About

  1. Ellen

    Never knew how I had felt about bloggers. But I like you, so I think its ok … heck, any excuse to hear more about your life and feel like we are closer is worth it!

  2. Weens

    Man, you and Chris are so GREAT!! Steve and I will attempt to recreate your fall celebration day, Chicago-style, and send pics back… ha. Would that be funny or obnoxious? I’m not sure.

  3. nick

    ur name is ponte. Or of course Mrs. Lavigne (or Levine).

  4. My wife and I found your blog on our first day in Kauai on our honeymoon, while looking for tips about making party on the island. We ran across this blog and basically used it religiously for the next 12 days (referring to you guys as “our blog friends”, our the whole time), I am forever grateful for your aiming me at the “fishmarket”. That Ahi wrap has a special place in my heart for always. Just checked in at random… so i figured I’d have to say hi and thank you! – Mike (Boston)

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